Ximena Heraud

I was born in Lima in 1984. I started painting at the age of 6 experimenting with crayons and colors when I got chickenpox and had to stay in bed for a few weeks. When I was 13 I painted in a local art workshop with a Peruvian artist and discovered my true passion. At the age of 21 I decided to travel to Sydney Australia to begin my studies at the National Art School.

I have different art passions. I studied a Dramatic Art career at Club de Teatro de Lima, Ketó Impro School in Perú and had comedy lessons at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney - Australia. I also finished a Communication Science Career at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Lima - Perú. So after that I founded an Art School called “Arte Emú”, where I have been an art teacher for years!


Painting in Peru

On 2015 I started traveling around Peru while painting outdoors and taking pictures of landscapes. . Some of the places are hard to find and include several days of walking and difficult climate conditions.

I reunite with my neighbor after 10 years of being apart and immediately became soulmates. We decided to travel and experience new adventures, some of them involve adrenaline, such as surfing with sharks, diving with rays and paragliding.

Courses and Experience

I love Opera Singing. I dreamt as a child to be able to sing in front of a big audience, but was always very sick of my throat. So after several years I decided to study music theory, piano and singing lessons at Lima's Music Conservatory and after that my throat was better than ever!

I also love to shake my body so I took lessons of Contemporary Dance and Ballet at Danza Viva in Lima, Perú.

And to complement my art vision I studied graphic, fashion and interior design in Lima, Perú.

Also to improve my teaching skills I completed online courses at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and at the Virginia University, as well as a music course at the Curtis Music Institute. 



ARTE EMÚ: Art Workshop own by Ximena Heraud.

ARTE EMÚ: Art Workshop own by Ximena Heraud.

With my peruvian landscape paintings

With my peruvian landscape paintings

Nature and Ximena

I love nature and like to grow plants, so I took some gardening lessons at Universidad Agraria del Perú. 

The reason why I paint landscapes is because I can sense the feeling of all the plants among me. I hear them talking to me and I can tell when they are free and in peace. I also love the smell of nature. It is just amazing to be sharing the same space

Art Experience

I started showing my paintings in my Art Shop and after working really hard on my dream I began travelling around the world in diferent Art Shows. So here is a list of my previous and next exhibitions for 2018 / 2019:



April 23 : Individual Art Exhibition “Recorriendo Perú” (Traveling in Peru) at the Czech Center Art Gallery for the Iberoamerican Week at Prage, Czech Republic.

September 15: XI Salón de Arte con Derechos: Colective Art Exhibition at San Francisco Convent in Lima, Peru.

October 12: III International Artist Meeting Art Show “Ecological Situation in the Ocean” Colective Art Exhibition in Sincelejo. Sucre, Colombia.

Octuber 12: Colective Exhibition in the VII Bienal Intercontinental Inígena, Ancestral y Milenaria. Lima, Perú.

Octubre 22: 16 paintings Art Exhibition “Recorriendo Perú” in the Goethe Art Gallery, Goethe Universität. Frankfurt, Alemania.

Noviember 15: Collective Art Exhibition in Frida Khalo Art Gallery. Culiacán, Sinaloa – México.


Abril (Exact date to be confirmed): Individual Art Exhibition “Recorriendo Perú” en the Center Art Gallery in Bucarest, Rumania.





Art Exhibition at San Francisco Convent in Lima Center, Peru.

Art Exhibition at San Francisco Convent in Lima Center, Peru.